Welcome to the new “The Little Brother Blog”

It is finally here! A little more than two months ago, I informed readers on my Facebook page and via my Twitter that I was in the process of joining Bloguin and now all the work on their end, as well as mine, has resulted in this new site and its launch today.

I chose to make the move because I loved the layout and design of the Bloguin sites — it allowed me to keep a similar feel and appearance to what I had created on my own, which is important to me in not making crazy changes and throwing you, my readers, for a crazy loop and major adjustment.

Take the time to look around the site, I know I love it and I am sure you will come to as well.

With the change, an outstanding commenting feature will help with your interaction with not only myself, but with each other. Livefyre is the name of the software and this is how to use it: You can either register with Livefyre (livefyre.com) or sign in using Facebook or Twitter. In the comments you can post pictures from Flickr, Twitpic, tinypic and imgur, as well as videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Also, make sure to bookmark this new link as the site is no longer at WordPress, but is just thelittlebrotherblog.com.

Go Green!